Welcome to Regions Beyond. We’re so glad you found us here. If asked to prove to someone that you were alive, how would you go about doing it?  Would you write a letter and tell them about yourself and let them know where to find you? 

That’s what Jesus did.   He wrote to us.  But His words are not like the words of others.

We’ve seen how His words affect people.  Something remarkable happens when we take His words to read to people.  Power to believe is released.   It is not the kind of power that forces and controls, but it’s the kind of power that heals and forgives, carrying within it the ability to gently lead a person’s heart to the place where they can continually make contact with Jesus, and see Him work in every area of their life, and all the time. 

Here at Regions Beyond, we believe what Jesus says, because He said if we do things His way, He promises to work alongside us and confirm His words with signs, wonders and miracles.

Uniquely designed and commissioned to move in His limitless compassion, we’re not just representatives of Jesus, allowed to use his name.  We are His Body.  And, as we are led by His Spirit and speak only in His Name, we’re finding that Kingdom thinking and action is getting Kingdom results.  

In the midst of hopelessness, the entrance of Jesus brings hope, the kind of hope that never leaves anyone ashamed.  When encountered with those ruled by the sin nature, His transforming power engages Love’s original plan, recreating people into carriers of God’s eternal life instead.   Where people are suffering with sickness or disease, His words ask the question, “Do you believe that I can heal you?”  And with the same breath that question becomes the very power that is needed for them to say “Yes.” and be healed.   Where there is fear and torment, His words become the power to absorb it all, giving instead and leaving only His Peace.

Jesus is coming back.  In the time that we have left before His return, what do you want to be found doing?   Settling for impossibilities or making way for His possibilities?   Jesus doesn’t see people beyond His reach, and neither do we.

—Tallat and Anne Mohamed



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