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It all began, as God’s Word so accurately describes it, because deep has continued to call to deep for generation after generation.  On the northernmost coast of the South American continent, in the country of Guyana, in 1974, the desperate questions of a young man accumulated, crying out for real answers, “Who are you God?  Who are you Jesus?  Are you really God’s exact image?”  Then the day arrived when those cries that had continued for years from the deepest recesses of this man’s heart, encountered for the first time, the answer Himself.  As the depth and the piercing love of this voice beyond anything he could imagine responded, the very Spirit of Jesus Himself answered, “Yes son, I AM

Immediately, this welcome to the entrance of Jesus, the only requirement necessary to overpower and absorb every bit of darkness, re-positioned everything.  Drawn by this love now, and a kind of power that he had never known before, this man was about to exercise, for the first time, the original purpose of his will.  Unaware of the heavenly host of angels present to honor this moment, this man was free to acknowledge the One whose presence he was in, and with his own words released the answer he had cried out for, “Jesus, wash me clean by your precious blood, and come take Your rightful place in my heart.”

That’s really how it all started.   It was by this direct voice of the Holy Spirit, the very Spirit of Jesus Himself, that Tallat was led to hear the Gospel of Good News and turn from 20 years of religious training in Islam to begin walking closely with Jesus, His Savior and Lord.

For the doors that would eventually close with family and community because of the affront that Jesus brings to religion, Jesus more than compensated, increasing the capacity for Tallat’s heart to receive from His Kingdom instead, now resident within.  One day, as was becoming Tallat’s pattern, while remaining in position to hear, the frustration of the presence of the epilepsy that had plagued him for the 21 years since his birth came up for discussion.  Words he was reading, Jesus’ words, suddenly shot out like liquid fire from the page and completely arrested his attention.  “What?  You (Jesus) took my weaknesses and infirmities and bore away my disease?”  And, with one more simple question, “Is that true Jesus?” came a clear answer, “Yes, I did.”  

I guess the best way to describe what took place next was simply an example of “sweet unencumbered fellowship between God and His man.” As a thought rose up from the recesses of Tallat’s spirit and spoke, “Well, if you took this epilepsy, than there’s no reason why we should both have to take it, right?” once again, the answer came, “That’s right.”  And with no fanfare, just a simple agreement, the issue was settled.   One day went by, no seizures.  One week want by, no seizures.  One month went by, no seizures.  One year want by, no seizures.  Thirty five years later, never one more seizure.  Light had exposed epilepsy’s unlawful residency in Tallat’s body and absorbed it.

I will walk in and with and among you and will be your God, and you shall be my son. (Lev. 26:12) That accurately describes the years that have followed.  Eternal life always brings with it an assignment, but it’s the years of submission and obedience beforehand that become the foundation which must support the carrying out of the assignment.  

It was in New York City, while driving down an expressway one day, that the Holy Spirit began speaking, and Tallat sensing the urgency to capture what he was hearing,  quickly pulled off onto an emergency exit ramp, and began writing as fast as he could.  The following words became the precursor to what would become his assignment – as he was entrusted into the office the evangelist:

You say you have no EDUCATION (Cor.2:1-5)
but don’t bring yourself under CONDEMNATION (Rom.8:10)
for from the beginning I have chosen you to SALVATION  through SANCTIFICATION (2 Thess.2:13)
and I have made you a NEW CREATION (2 Cor. 5:17)
You are now of a CHOSEN GENERATION and part of a HOLY NATION (1 Peter 2:19)
And for EDUCATION I have given you
REVELATION (Rom. 16:25-27)
Now, go and preach to all CREATION (Mark 16:15)
And that is your ORDINATION (John 15:16)



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