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Since 1995, Tallat Mohamed and Regions Beyond Evangelism have continued to be obedient to the heavenly mandate that has been placed before them to take the message of victory through Jesus Christ to the nations.  As the Holy Spirit continues to increase the Body of Christ more and more in these last days, this ministry is staying on the frontlines.  

An established heart shall never be afraid, and this principle reigns in the hearts of our partners worldwide, continuing to create a steady flow of faith thru the Grace that is ours in Jesus Christ, opening doors that, historically, have been closed.  Through the venue of evangelistic campaigns, conferences, and ministerial training centers orchestrated by national leadership, God’s favor has continued to give the entrance needed for “His Word and His Spirit”  into now what has extended to over 100 nations.  Appointed in the office of evangelist, this ministry is one of true demonstrations of the Holy Spirit and power with an emphasis on regions where Jesus Christ has not yet been given an impacting entrance into the culture of the people.

It was by the direct voice of the Holy Spirit that Tallat was led to hear the Gospel of Good News and turn from 2o years of religious training in Islam to a relationship with the living God, and receive Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord.  Delivered from epilepsy and poverty, by the power in God’s Word at simply believing and receiving Jesus as Healer and Provider, Tallat received the vision of God’s love in his heart to take this same “spirit of faith” and message of victory through Jesus Christ to the nations.

This, combined with a unique understanding coming from years of exposure to Islamic thought, has become the impetus for God’s favor, positioning them for such a time as this.  Many years ago, God placed in their hearts a seed thought that “No One Is Beyond Jesus Reach.”   This one thought, revealing God’s deepest desire to make Himself known in the darkest places of the earth, continues to be the guiding force, leading and maneuvering them strategically past the many facets and smoke screens of the spirit of division.   Come with them – read their stories – and see with your heart – No One Is Beyond Jesus Reach.



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