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Thank you for your interest in the financial support of Regions Beyond Evangelism.  We are a ministry operating by faith, through which we reach to heaven for every solution. Faith was the only resource that Jesus had to operate with while on the earth, and as His Body, it is our only resource.  In 2013, we are believing for unique and creative open doors for a greater harvest of souls then we have ever seen.  Together with our partners, Regions Beyond is continually saying, “Here we are Lord … send us!”   And, God is always faithful to provide by dealing with the right person at the right time to give so that every need is met with surplus.  Your gift is an answer to our faith and prayers.  We thank you for your partnership.  God so loved the world that he invested all that He had for all whoever would believe through Jesus Christ.  Your investment is creating eternal opportunities, and we ask you to join us in expecting a multiplied return to you, for we know that our prosperity is locked up in the Harvest.  In Jesus Name.

“…He who wins souls is wise…” Prov. 11:30



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